Broken Mortals: A Journey of Hope

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Broken Mortals: A Journey of Hope

I am excited to announce that my book is in its final stages of development.

I’ve always wanted to write this book. Once I started preaching I knew I needed to get this book out. I hoped that my perspective on biblical characters and stories would help people to understand the bible better. 

The Sunday school stories that we all know and love were not designed to give adults the full truths of scripture. They were designed to give children the elementary truths of the Christian faith. 

In Hebrews 5 Paul writes about the elementary truths of God as spiritual milk and the harder concepts of faith as spiritual meat. The Sunday school stories stop where they do because they were designed for children. Adults need to read behind the stories so that they can relate to the situations and the characters. When we relate to these characters we can see ourselves in the pages and realize that we are just as fallen.

I believe that the bible is a historical book that is still extremely relevant for today. I believe that the stories captured in its pages are about real people who actually lived on the Earth at a specific time and place in history. If these stories are about real people then I believe these real people had emotions, and stress and life situations that created the conditions for the bible stories they are in. 

I tend to ask myself the question. If this happened to me how would I feel? That is the perspective I place onto the narrative. I look between the lines and behind the words to see if there is any more humanity that can be squeezed out of the story. Why? I believe when the humanity is shown in its beautiful tragic glory that is when God shines through. Isn’t God, not the human, or humans, the centre of all of these stories? 

I love the bible because it paints an accurate picture of the human condition. As human beings we make mistakes, we complain about many things, we do bad things on purpose. So do the people in the bible. The beauty of all of this is not the people in the stories but the God who is in these stories with them. The God who delivers and the God who saves us, the God who wants us to choose him. The point of these stories is not the people… it is Jesus. He is the ultimate point of all biblical stories, whether Old Testament or New Testament. 

Stay tuned for an announcement about when the book will be available. It has gone through 2 rounds of editing so far and is in the final stage of approvals. We are in the home stretch.

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