I’m not a blogger!

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I’m not a blogger!

I read RSS feeds. I read a great deal of stuff on the internet but I’m not a blogger.

I asked a friend of mine the other day, about getting started as a Youth Speaker and he told me to get a BLOG. I hate that idea. I think blogging is annoying and a lot of writing, but, if that gets me more speaking engagements I’m all for it.

I love preaching. I like writing sermons, but what I really love is just plain old preaching. That’s my ticket! That’s what makes me hum! I can preach 10 sermons in a week at summer camp and still have energy left in the day.

So… I’m writing a blog. Maybe it will get me more speaking engagements, or maybe it will just help me to relate my life on the web. Who knows.

Have a great day!

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