Broken Mortals Study Guide

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Broken Mortals Small Group Study Guide

Broken Mortals has been available for over a month now and the reader’s responses have been very encouraging. A few of my readers have been asking if they can use it as a small group study. 

That’s a tremendous idea so I’m going to be releasing small groups questions over the next few weeks with the hopes that the feedback I receive from the small groups will allow me to develop the study guide for publication in September of 2019. I will update this blog post as I develop these questions.

Chapter 1: Origins Part I  – Simon

Origin Stories: What are some of your favourite Origin Stories and Why?

The biblical story that is the focus of chapter 1 is Luke 5. Jesus meets Peter and the other disciples and there is a miraculous catch of fish. 

What part of this story can you relate to? What parts of this story are odd, confusing or frustrating for you?

Have you ever had a time when you encountered God and were struck by your own inadequacy, or found yourself knee deep in shame over who you were? What was that like? 

In this chapter the author shares how he came to know Jesus as his Saviour? Take a moment to share your own experience of coming to know Jesus as your Saviour? 

In Matthew 16 Peter has a moment of clarity and declares Jesus as Messiah. Why was this statement so controversial? How can this moment in Peter’s life give us reassurance as we pursue God in our daily lives?

Chet speaks about how he was called by God on a yellow school bus. Although we are all called by God in different ways how does this story bring encouragement to you? 

In the final sections of Chapter 1 Chet talks about his desire to find the stories behind the bible stories and encourages his readers to dig deeper into those stories we know and love to find the relatable truths. How is this perspective new or different from your understanding of the bible stories? How has this concept changed the way you approach scripture?

Chapter 2 – Take That First Step

In chapter 2 Chet writes about being moved by a song while driving in his car? Tell about a time where something similar happened to you?

Although the story of Abraham and Isaac is an old sunday school story what struck you as new or different in the way Chet related to these characters? Which character do you relate to?

How is this a story about obedience? How is this a story of trust? 

Chet speaks about getting “a glimpse into the heart of the Father God, the heart of One who died to his own self and sent his own son to the slaughter for the sake of mankind.” How can this story affirm your own version of the Father God? How does this perspective differ from your view of the Father God?

Chet relates this story to a process of making decisions, or faith steps in our choice to follow God. He speaks about not wanting to do an altar call on the first night of camp but choosing to do so because he believed that God was asking him to trust. Although, we do not all get the opportunity to lead an altar call God is calling us to trust in different ways. How can you relate to this story of being called to trust God in your daily life?

Near the end of the chapter Chet asks a question. “What stops us from sacrificing our will for his? Life, Skepticism, Circumstances or Sin.” Which is it for you? Is it one thing in particular or a combination?

At the end of chapter 2 Chet writes these words,

If there is something getting in the way of God in your life, drag it on that mountain and kill it.

Is there anything getting in the way of God in your life? Is there some thing in your life that you need to kill in order to be closer to God? 

Keep watching this space for more small group study guide questions.

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