Chet Finger pointer

I am passionate about creating change in the lives of people through speaking God’s word and truth to them. God works in and through us during the entire journey of our lives.

As a Speaker I focus on finding ways to motivate churches to reach out to the whole family. When a church focuses their ministry towards children, youth and young adults that church will grow, thrive and flourish. This is not because they are building the church of tomorrow but because children, youth and young adults are the church of today. If we do not build the Next Gen into the church of today there will be no church of tomorrow.

Being a teenager is awkward and stressful. I would know as my whole life has been spent with youth; from leadership in youth in high school to internships and practicums all through college and 19 years as a Youth Pastor. I have worked in all kinds of settings and found all teenagers need someone who loves them, sees their potential and helps them achieve their dreams.

As a personal coach I have helped many individuals move past moments in their lives where they feel stuck or unprepared for what’s next. I love the aha moments where a person, through struggling to answer my questions can come to a breakthrough moment in their own journey. It’s a beautiful thing and I consider it a great privilege to have been able to serve people in this way.

As a church consultant my main focus is helping churches find their Next Gen opportunities. Answering the question of where does the Next Gen fit into our church? All churches have their own unique methodology and flavour and I work with the pastoral staff and the church board to determine a course of action that will lead to greater involvement of the Next Gen in the life of the church however that might look.Once we have determined a direction my ongoing coaching will ensure goals and directives are met.

For consulting or speaking opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me: