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I have been preaching since I was 18 years old. I love preaching. I love bringing students and adults to God’s word and helping them to see God in and through the words on the pages. My style of preaching is to use biblical characters and stories to illustrate timeless truths. I tend to use scriptures from both the New Testament and the Old Testament when I preach to help my listeners understand that both testaments are still relevant today.

Some of my favourite themes are Calling, Identity in Christ and forgiveness. My favourite biblical characters are Samuel, Peter, Ehud, Joshua and many, many more. I try to focus on Jesus as we weave through truths, and stories. I use humour and stories to drive home the message.

ReviewsChet Finger pointer

“Chet makes full use of his fun and unique personality as he speaks. He has a remarkable ability to take advantage of these characteristics in the process of unpacking truth, even when dealing with some very serious topics. I have heard Chet speak in very different venues and he consistently delivers. Chet can endear himself to a crowd quickly, earning the right to walk into people’s lives and challenge them forward. It is clear that his heart, his personality, and his individuality are fully embraced in his confident presentation.”

– David Brotherton, Ambrose University College

“As a deeper life conference, LYC strives to find a delicate balance between diving too deep for youth to follow and skimming the surface ineffectively. Chet found that balance and delivered pointed, powerful messages appropriate to the audience, and he did so in a hilarious way that captivated the listeners. It has been a joy to work with Chet leading up to the conference, and I would recommend him highly as a preacher.”

– Jordy Dyck, Representative of the Legacy Youth Conference central planning team.


To inquire about booking me for an upcoming speaking opportunity, please fill out the form below as early as possible. My schedule is often arranged months in advance.

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